Turns Potential Into Performance

Develop and Grow

Develop and grow your team to achieve ambitious goals.

Solve Problems

Solve "people problems" and get teams on the same page.


Establish the right organizational structure for growth.


Clarify your vision and the team required for the next level.

Our Services


Ready to step into a broader leadership role?

At P2Excellence we coach executives, managers, and individual contributors to become more effective leaders based on proven methodologies and your personal leadership style. 


Does Your Business Have the Right People in Place to Achieve Your Goals?

From roles and responsibilities to people processes, P2Excellence makes sure your teams are structured and thrive.

Our Approach


make it simple

You have a problem to solve or a change to make, but you're too busy. We define it, solve it, and mitigate cost and risk - because simplicity gets results.


keep it fun

You're invested in this business; you believe in it. Sure, it's not always fun (it's work after all) but it can be fun most of the time. Let's bring that back!


get it done

Too many solutions are hard to implement when you're running a business. We scale the problem-solving for manageable change and sustainable growth.

Hi! I'm Nancy Vepraskas 

I'm a leadership performance consultant and the founder of P2Exellence.

My passion is helping CEOs and executive leaders make crucial shifts to transform their businesses.

With 25+ years of experience in the people side of the business, I help leaders by activating change, optimizing talent, and improving people processes and strategies.


"If you are looking for someone to help you grow your leadership capacity and boost your effectiveness, you need to look no further that Nancy Vepraskas. She brings a wealth of experience and personal competency to the relationship and will help you be successful on your path."

Best Selling, Author, Speaker, and Former Senior Executive

"Our company was growing so fast that I couldn't be hands-on like I used to. Nancy helped me step into a new role as a leader of an organization of people with the right roles and responsibilities - enabling us to grow even faster!"

Happy Client

"Nancy's board level thinking and strategic vision can provide any fortune 50 company with tremendous value. While her understanding of people and team offer any CEO, both small and large, a prospective rarely understood and communicated effectively."

Enterprenuer and co-owner, Software Analytics Company, Recruiting Industry

Your People are the Key to Business Performance

Ready to connect the dots between your organization today and your goals for tommorow?

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